Attention: Looking for a Reputable Way to Make $3000 or More Passive Income Each and Every Month on Auto-Pilot?

Foul-Mouthed, “Anti-Marketer” Shows You How to Get Your Own Portion of Profits from the $150 Billion SAAS Industry and Earn $3000 or More Passive Income Each and Every Month...

❌Having to Wait 30-60 Days to Get Paid ❌Having to Worry About “Stolen Sales”
❌Being “Technically Savvy” ❌Knowing How to Build Software Products
❌The Frustration of Wasted Time and Hassle of Ongoing Customer Support

I'm Jon Vaughn the Founder of Tier5. In this video I will explain the concept of the Tier5  Partnership!

The Tier5 Partner Program (in a nutshell)

  • Enterprise Level Software:  Tier5 is a professional software engineering firm and that provides enterprise level software to small and medium sized businesses. You'll get all the software you need to run and grow your business online. 
  • Networking: Make meaningful connections with other like minded Tier5 Partners. You never know what just one of these connections can do for your business.  More than 300 active Tier5 Partners!!!
  • Training and Support: Get live 1 on 1 priory support from our support team and group training to help you grow and scale your company. 
  • Private Support Groups: We have private groups where you'll find all the other Tier5 Partners. Get help, network, and even sell inside these groups. 
  • Weekly Partner Meeting: Every Friday at 2PM PST we have an open Tier5 Partner meeting where you can get updates on what's going on at Tier5  and help with anything you need. 
  • ​Collaborative Software Development: Work directly with Tier5 and our amazing engineering team to build the software you need. Don't wait months for the features you want. Partners get it first.
  • Passive Income: The real beauty of the Tier5 Partner Program and what makes it really unique are the residual monthly passive income opportunities. Sell Tier5 Software and keep 100% of the revenue. You have the freedom to price how you want, make your own offers. We do all the tech support, you keep 100% of the revenue you generate.  Several Tier5 Partners are making a full time income. 

Why we started the Tier5 Partner Program

(and how that benefits you)

𝗣𝗔𝗦𝗦𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗜𝗡𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗘 who doesn't love that? Well if you hate 𝗣𝗔𝗦𝗦𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗜𝗡𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗘 this is not for you!!!
If you love passive income spend 3 minutes reading this I'll expose how you can get into the 𝟭𝟱𝟬 𝗕𝗜𝗟𝗟𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗗𝗢𝗟𝗟𝗔𝗥 𝗔 𝗬𝗘𝗔𝗥 𝗜𝗡𝗗𝗨𝗦𝗧𝗥𝗬 SaaS industry without the huge upfront costs.

It really wasn't long after going after my dream that I realized I hated it and wanted to wake up.
It had only been 3 years since I founded Tier5 a software engineering firm (I'm a software engineer and 𝗡𝗢𝗧 𝗔 𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗞𝗘𝗧𝗘𝗥).

I was selling software engineering services to mostly other software firms building SaaS Software for them. SaaS software is software as a service where users pay a monthly fee to use the software. Basically they are buying a username and password.

Although I was growing my company, I was doing over $100,000/month in revenue and we went from 1 to over 30 employees in those 3 years, I really wasn't loving my job. It was better than not being the founder and the boss I guess, but I didn't really love it like I should.

The reason why? I was observing over and over again what my company would do for my clients. We'd build them a SaaS software. They'd pay us a one time project fee that sure was great, but they'd make way more than I did, and top of that their income would be residual monthly income coming in every month. Meanwhile I was back to looking for another client.

So I decided to change all that and start building and launching my own SaaS software. I call them software ATM's because to me that's pretty much what they are MONEY PRINTERS.

Now I have no clients. I have software users. I am now basically selling usernames and passwords.
Entrepreneurs, marketers, and small and medium businesses are paying me a monthly fee for a username and password to be able to use my software.

They are paying between $7/month to $997/month and I don't even have to talk to them. I do organic marketing and paid ads  to acquire them. They sign up, I get paid. And they keep paying month after month.

It's like 𝗣𝗔𝗦𝗦𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗜𝗡𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗘 heaven. The land of the unicorns that many think is a scam or doesn't exist.
But I spent millions and years building my SaaS softwares. So how can the average everyday person get into the 𝟭𝟱𝟬 𝗕𝗜𝗟𝗟𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗗𝗢𝗟𝗟𝗔𝗥 𝗔 𝗬𝗘𝗔𝗥 𝗜𝗡𝗗𝗨𝗦𝗧𝗥𝗬 growing SaaS industry.

I created the Tier5 Partner program for two specific purposes. 

1.) To give everyday ordinary people the ability to enter the 150 billion dollar a year SaaS industry and build up monthly residual streams of passive income without having to come up with software ideas, hire software engineers or development firms, and litterally spend millions like I had to building, managing, maintaining, and supporting SaaS software products. As a Tier5 Partner all you have to do is market and sell the software. We do everything else. We plan new features (you can help with that if you want), we build them out, we test them, we launch them, and we fully support and maintain them. But you get to keep 100% of your sales revenue and you get to set your own prices and make your own unique offers. 

2.) To allow me and my company to focus on what we love and are good at. I'm not a marketer, we're not a marketing company. I'm a software engineer, we're a software engineering firm full of genius software engineers and support people. We don't LOVE marketing, we don't want to do marketing, WE JUST WANT TO BUILD BADASS SOFTWARE. The Tier5 Partner program allows for a very simbiot relationship, we focus on building and supporting software and collect a small monthly partner fee from our partners, As a partner you focus on marketing and selling the software. As a partner you can charge you own price points that make sense to you , make your own unique offers, and more importantly keep 100% of the revenue you generate. 

So why should you become a Tier5 Partner Today?

There are many reasons you should become a Tier5 Partner Today
  • Enterprise Software Access: Get instant access to enterprise level software used to power thousands of businesses. As a Tier5 Partner you're enjoying a huge discount on the normal cost of our SaaS software products.
  • Amazing Priority Support: Our support team is amazing, knowledgeable, and very friendly and they are always standing by to assist Tier5 Partners. 
  • Networking: One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face is networking and meeting like minded people they can relate to. We have private groups for our partners where you can meet and network with other professionals just like you. We have a wide range of profiles from many different industries from just getting started to years of experience. There's someone in our partner program right now that could take your business to the next level. 
  • Training: We provide quick start training to get you going as a Tier5 Partner, there's also training on how to automate as much as your business as you can so you can save time and focus on more important things. We also provide sales and marketing training to help you succeed in business and as a Tier5 Partner. You could easily pay $5,000 or more to some "guru" to learn just a few of the things you will learn as a Tier5 Partner.
  • Weekly Partner Meetings: Every Friday at 2PM PST we have a week partner meeting that lasts as long as it needs to. Here you can get updates about what's going on in Tier5, brainstorm with other partners, find out what everyone is doing and what's working and what's not, do general networking, and ask any questions you have. 
  • Massive Cost Savings: As a Tier5 Partner you'll get $2,527/month of software for less than 4% of that cost. On top of that there are weekly meetings and training provided. 
  • ​Passive Income Opportunities: As a Tier5 Partner you are able to resell Tier5 software (your agency accounts) and charge whatever price you want for it (although we do have minimum prices you can advertise at publicly) and make your own unique offers. You get to keep 100% of the revenue you generate. We make it very easy for you to issue user accounts at whatever plan level you want, do upgrades, suspend or unsupend your users, and you can even automate this entire process. As a Tier5 Partner you can also promote the Tier5 Partner Program (only Tier5 Partners can do this) and earn a high commission for any partners you refer. This allows you to easily build up a monthly residual passive income stream. 
  • Proven Successful Track Record: Tier5 is a 5 year old company with a proven track record for success in building high end SaaS applications. We've also shown you many reviews from our partners and why the love the Tier5 Partner Program.
  • Cancel Anytime: There are no long term commitments you have to make. If at anytime you feel this is no longer for you, you can cancel at anytime. 
  • ​​Limited Opportunity: The Tier5 Partner Program is a very limited opportunity and we don't always accept new partners. If you find the Tier5 Partner Program open and accepting new partners today, it may very well be sold out and closed again by the time you come back to sign up tomorrow. 

A Look Inside Your New Software Development Company Tier5

Employee Strength: 50+ Happy Dedicated Full Time In-House Employees (See how we're growing fast)

Powered By Engineering Lover's

Founders - Jon Vaughn and Aunkita Nandi

Tier5 was started January 2016 and  is lead and managed by two brilliant engineering lovers (husband and wife and business partners) Jon Vaughn and Aunkita Nandi (two cancers even sharing the same exact birthday). 

Together they have surrounded themselves with more than 50 full time geniuses who have a humble service minded approach. With a vision to empower entrepreneurs to pursue their passions by equipping them with powerful technology so they can thrive in today's digital world. We believe in love, peace, respect, and inspiring positive change through innovation with technology. 

3 Year Anniversary 

Tier5 just celebrated it's 5 Year Anniversary in January 2021!!!

Here's the software included in the Tier5 Partner Program

(what they all do and a little backstory on why we created each and every one of them)

You can use all this software to help you run and grow your business, and you can also sell it and keep 100% of the revenue you generate. You have the freedom to set your own price points and make your own offers.

Robo Contact

Sells for $497/month

Robo Contact gets you targeted fresh leads and does your cold outreach virtually on auto-pilot

This is the first SaaS software I had my company Tier5 build. It was built to help me grow and scale Tier5. I used Robo Contact to find and start the initial cold outreach to sell software engineering services. I was able to do over 3 million dollars in sales from using Robo Contact.

Robo Contact is lead generation and cold outreach automation.

With Robo Contact you can simply insert keywords for the nitch you are looking for, then select your targeted location, and Robo Contact will do it's job. It will go out and generate you lists of leads for your desired nitch in your desired location.

Then Robo Contact will get more information about the leads, it will then begin to automatically submit the contact us form on their websites and also start your cold email campaign for you. 
This is the second SaaS software I had my company Tier5 build. It was built to help me grow and scale Tier5. I used Domain Leads to find all the people that had recently registered a new domain. Once I had a list of all the recent domain registrants I'd use another software we we're building Chirply (also included in this offer) to start doing cold outreach to them and sell them website development or design services from my team.
Domain Leads gives you leads daily that have recently registered a new website domain!!!

All you have to do is login to Domain Leads, you can then pick a date range you want to search for, you can pick any keywords (like insurance) that you want to find inside the domains, and you can even filter by the TDL and number of domains the domain owner owns. 

Domain Leads will then give you the name, email, phone number, and other information about the domain owner. There are over 32 million domains owner leads inside Domain Leads. 

Domain Leads

Sells for $47/month - $197/month

Fresh buyer leads daily from Domain Leads

Sticky Reviews

Sells for $15/month - $47/month

Increase conversions with Sticky Reviews

Sticky Reviews is a CRO (conversion rate optimization) tool built by Tier5. It has some very unique features that you won't find in any other software.
Sticky Reviews is social proof and conversion rate optimization.

With Sticky Reviews you can easily display social proof review pop ups on your websites and funnels. This will help you to convert more leads into sales.

Sticky Reviews supports text, audio, and even video reviews that will display on your website to help you convert more traffic into leads and more leads into sales. Social Proof is one of the top driving factors of sales.

Sticky Reviews also features exit pop ups to give you one more chance to engage visitors as they go to leave your site, and our Review Links allow you to completely automate collecting reviews and displaying them on your site or funnel.
I had Magic Zap built to help me with my chatbot and SMS marketing. I needed a way to get data back to my chatbot and SMS marketing platform about what subscribers were doing on my sales funnels, like if they purchased my products.
Magic Zap can take your marketing efforts to the next level!!!

Magic Zap will allow you to customize your websites and sales funnels with merge fields. That means you can do things like greet your website visitors by NAME when they land on your site or funnel and you can personalize your sites and funnels based on the traffic that is actually on your pages.

Magic Zap will also allow you to trigger automation's when specific pieces of traffic are on your pages, or a specific page you choose. Imagine having a lead that's interested in your product or service and being able to trigger an automate phone call to them as soon as they get to your pricing page so you can have a natural sales call with them while they are hot and interested. That's the power of Magic Zap

Magic Zap

Sells  for $27/month - $97/month

Personalize landing pages and more with Magic Zap

Invoicing You

Sells  for $45/month - $97/month

Get paid today with Invoicing You
I had Invoicing You built so that I could send invoices to my clients that were purchasing software engineering services from my company Tier5. As I started launching my software as SaaS products I also modified it for selling my products as well as my services. As I ventured into internet marketing I also built in unique ways to create real urgency and scarcity and also work with my chatbots.
Invoicing You is getting you paid and putting money in your bank.

Invoicing You makes it very easy to collect money online in today's digital world. It allows you to create invoices for your clients to pay online in seconds. You can easily sell your services and also your products online with invoicing you. There are also very unique ways you can create offers and pricing that allow you to sell more quickly and even create buying frenzy's.

It integrates with zapier so you can automate creating invoices or even fulfillment. You can even use your marketing and tracking pixels on your invoices.
Link Wizard is really powerful. I had it created to that I could start to track all the traffic coming to all the content I was sharing on the internet. I was using bitly personally but they lacked in so many features like editing the short links destination after I created it and shared it somewhere the internet in a post, email, or SMS.
Link Wizard gives you total control and analytics over your traffic.

Link Wizard gives you real power and control over all the links you share on the internet. It allows you to turn any link into a short pretty fully trackable, brand-able, and customize-able link. Imagine being able to change a link in an social post, email, SMS, or chatbot message you created days or years ago. No more re-sending messages like Opps, sent the wrong link to you. You wouldn't have that problem with Link Wizard.

There are so many cool ways you can use Link Wizard and that's why it has over 9,000 active users. If you are sharing any type of content you want to be using Link Wizard. Business happily pay $197/month to have full unlocked unlimited use of this powerful software. 

Link Wizard

Sells  for $7/month - $197/month

Understand and control your traffic with Link Wizard

Post Filter

Sells for $27/month 

Find people looking for your products with Post Filter
About 1 year into doing organic marketing on Facebook I had my engineers build Post Filter. I was spending way to much time on facebook searching through bullshit to find what I was looking for. So I had my engineers build a software that could help me pin point exactly what I was looking for, or simply remove things I didn't want to see.
Post Filter is finding people actively looking for your products and services!!!
With Post Filter you can filter out all the things on Facebook you don't want to see. Or you can use it to find exactly what you are looking for. It could be you don't want to see any posts about religion or politics, so Post Filter can filter all those out for you. Or if you're like me, you can use it to find people who are actually actively looking for the products or services that you offer.
With Post Filter you can spend less time looking for what you are trying to find and actually make more sales or just have a more enjoyable experience on Facebook by weeding out all the things you don't want to see. 
This is a very special software for me. I wanted to accomplish a few things so I had it built. The main thing I was trying to accomplish was raise the funds to build a school for some children in a remote Indian village that really touched my heart. I wanted to prove a concept that a very simple yet useful software could actually change the lives of many children.
Biggest Fan is getting you noticed by your ideal customers.
Biggest Fan allows you to easily automate leaving a huge stream of emojis on someone's Facebook live video. Now to some this may seem arbitrary and useless but to others who understand organic marketing and the dream 100 strategy it's pure gold.
Imagine leaving a mixture of 500 hearts and likes on someone's live video. Do you think they would remember you, you know they do see your face every time you leave an emoji on their live. Biggest Fan has been proven to get people to call you out on their lives, this is huge if you are doing it to an influencer. On the other hand just imagine 2 or 3 people using it on your live and all your other live viewers seeing a constant stream of hearts on your live video, it's been proven to drive more engagement.

Biggest Fan

Use this software as a Lead Magnet 

Get seen and noticed with Biggest Fan

Friend Connector

Sells for $47/month 

Add targeted leads to your friends list on auto-pilot with Friend Connector
Shortly after I started doing heavy organic marketing on Facebook I had my engineers build Friend Connector for me. Before Friend Connector I was spending a huge amount of time providing value in groups so that people would notice me and add me as a friend. I had Friend Connector built so I could bypass all that time and get the same results which is sales from my personal Facebook profile. I also had it automate a lot of initial outreach messages for me.
Friend Connector is adding targeted leads on auto-pilot!
Imagine having the coveted 5000 Facebook friends and each and everyone of them being a targeted lead that is your ideal perfect customer avatar. Now they are all seeing your content and offers everyday and you're building up that know, like, and trust factor. How would that change your business? For me I've been able to do almost $2,000,000 (two million dollars) in sales revenue from Friends that Friend Connector added to my friends list on auto-pilot.
Not only can you target by keywords so you are adding up your ideal perfect customer avatar while you sleep, but Friend Connector also automates sending out messages to people you send a friend request to, people who send you a friend request, and when you accept or decline a friend request. This really gets the initial conversation going making for an easy and natural sales process all on auto-pilot.
Post Profits is yet another amazing software that I had my team build to help me optimize my organic marketing strategy. I was spending a lot of time following up with people who commented on my lead generation and sales posts. So I had my team build a software to automate that process for me so I could spend my valuable time on other things.
Post Profits is turning your organic posts into lead generation and sales machines on auto-pilot.
If you don't know what a comment ladder or yes ladder is you should really take my free training, but odds are if you're doing any type of marketing on Facebook you do those types of posts all the time. Post Profits is built to optimize your organic Facebook posts to get maximum exposure and to turn them into lead generation and sales machines while you spend your valuable time doing other things.
Not only will Post Profits respond to comments on your posts automatically, not only can you set up keywords to determine which comments get what auto-responses, but Post Profits will also follow up with everyone via direct message in messenger which will also get you even more engagement on your posts. This is a must have time saving and money making software if you plan on doing any organic marketing on Facebook. 

Post Profits

Sells for $47/month 

Turn your Facebook posts in to lead generation and sales machines with Post Profits

Genius Pages

Sells for $47/month - $297/month

Build websites and sales funnels in minutes with Genius Pages
I actually got really lucky with Genius Pages. It basically fell right into my lap. All my customers and partners were basically begging me to provide them with a website and funnel building software. On top of that a very popular simi-open source website builder was changing their business model so they were selling their source code. I acquired it and then put a team of developers on it to make it much better, good enough so that I could replace what I was using for my own process (clickfunnels).
Genius Pages is website and sales funnel building like a Genius!!!
Websites for sure aren't dead. You need a website just like you need sales funnels. They are both essential for your business to survive in today's digital world.
With our drag and drop builder you can quickly build full websites, lead capture pages, and sales funnels. On top of that we're the only software that actually has smart pixeling so that you can truly optimize your Facebook ad campaigns and easily get accurate data on all your campaigns. 
And finally my crown jewel Chriply. I originally had this software built so that I didn't have to give out my personal cell phone number to my clients and so that I could record our calls where the would be describing to me all the things they wanted my engineers to build for them.
Chriply is multi-channel marketing automation!!!
Chirply is really our crown jewel. It's a rare gem and you won't find one single software that does everything Chriply can do for you. It's the most love Tier5 software.
So what can Chirply do for you? Well for one it can automate getting fresh leads on the phone for you and even qualify them so you don't waste time talking to people who aren't qualified to buy your offer. This alone makes businesses happy to pay $997/month for Chriply.
But Chriply can also do live two way calling, two way SMS and MMS. Emails, Click to Call from your websites and funnels, voicemail drops, IVR's. It also does SMS, Email, Voicemail, and IVR bulk broadcasts. It has a built in power dialer to work through your lead lists, it does automated follow up and nurturing campaigns, scheduled follow ups, has a SMS auto-responder so you don't have to manually respond to incoming messages, and have powerful in-built lead generation so you can generate huge lists of targeted leads. 


Sells for $97/month to $997/month

Automate most of your marketing with Chirply

Let's do the math!

Now that you've seen all the software included let's do the math and see how much people would normally pay to buy all of this software directly from us. 

If you were to go directly to our websites for each software, as many people do, and buy all of this software from there directly and took the lowest limited plan on each software they would cost you $885/month.

However if you were to take the highest unlimited plan on each software  it would cost you $2,527/month

We get direct sales from our websites almost daily. People are happy to pay the prices listed on our websites as the software is highly valuable, it works, is constantly updated, fully supported, and priced very competitively in the market compared to our competitors. 

But as a Tier5 Partner you won't even pay 10% of that cost, you'll get all the software,  and you'll have the ability to sell our software at your own price points and keep 100% of the revenue you generate. 



Your Chrome Extension

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Unlimited Business Leads

Friend Disconnector

Special Bonus Software From Other Tier5 Partners

A few of our Tier5 Partners have been so successful they've been able to take their earning and hire Tier5 to build them their very own SaaS software assets. As a Thank You to Tier5 for creating this partner program they want to give you their software they've developed as a bonus for becoming a Tier5 Partner

Ed Akehurst's Genius Messenger CRM

Genius Messenger CRM is a CRM and sales pipeline for your personal Facebook messenger. It allows you to easily keep track of leads and tag them and create automated reminders and follow up. 

If you're going to use Facebook for lead generation and making sales Genius Messenger CRM will make it so easy for you to never lose track of your leads and close as many sales as possible. 

As a special bonus Ed is giving you an account for personal use on Genius Messenger CRM if you join the Tier5 Partner Program. 

Unlimited Business Leads

Your Chrome Extension

Post Scheduler (in beta)

MeFn Evan (coming soon)

Can you see why so many people just like you 
LOVE the Tier5 Partner Program