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As a Tier5 Partner you will get live high level trainign, coaching and mentoring. You will get access to our partner network, and you will get access to ALL of our software. 

You will also get the ability to have additioanl agency licences on all of our software that you could use as lead mangenets, front end customer aquisition offers, bonuses with your current offers, or stand alone monthly recurring offers. If you have a team or are building a team you can issue your agency accounts to them as well.

Over $2,644 a month worth of software plus weekly high level training and coaching. 

sign up now to lock in your prices. Price can increase at anytime without notice.

Step #1: Select Your Partner Plan Level
$2,364year (only $197/month billed yearly)
$197 one time fee
***You will be able to get agency accounts for resale after you sign up to become a Tier5 Partner. If you are wanting to be a reseller of our software we only offer agency accounts to resell after you become a Tier5 Partner. You are NOT able to get agency account to resell without first becoming a Tier5 Partner. Agency accounts are NOT included in the entry level partnership program, they are only aviiliabe for Tier5 Partners after they become a partner through this offer. After you sign up for the entry level partnership program (this offer) you will then be able to get agency accounts if you are wanting them, but this entry level partnership offer does NOT include any agency accounts for resell. Agency accounts are VERY AFFORDABLE and give you plenty of room to make a lot of profit.
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ONE TIME OFFER $197: Start your journey as a Tier5 Partner off on the quickest path to success. You'll get a 1 hour live call with Tier5 Founder and CEO. You'll also get an advanced training on organic marketing and how we leverage facebook organic traffic to make sales of Tier5 Software. This training sells else where for $2,997. If you take this when signing up as a Tier5 Partner it's only one payment of $197 and you still get the call with our Founder and CEO.

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As a partner you are getting over $2,644 a month worth of software plus weekly high level training and coaching. 

The software will be unlocked at the highest level plans. 

The networking and coaching is worth well over $97/month and will pay for your partnership many many times over. 

What are Agency Accounts?

Agency Accounts are the user account licenses you can issue for Tier5 Software Products.  You are able to issue your agency accounts to your team or to your customer so they can use our software. 

Automation Package Inlcuded

  • ​Automation Software And Training -  Our automation training and software alone is worth more than the small partnership fee. This will replace a zapier account that costs $299/month. We will provide you full indepth training on how to automate many aspects of your business and also provide you with the powerful automation software (replaces zapier) to implement everything.

Everything You Get As A Tier5 Partner

on all of our software you will be getting the highest unrestrcited unlocked plan level. 

When we mention sells for $x.xx/month we mean customers come directly to us and willing pay that much every month for that software (IE: we have paying customers at those prices)

  • Robo Contact  - sells for $497/month.
  • Link Wizard  -  sells for $147/month​
  • A Magic Zap  - sells for  $97/month
  • Sticky Reviews  - sells for  $47/month
  • Invoicing You - sells for $97/month
  • Domain Leads  - sells for $197/month
  • Genius Pages - sells for $297/month
  • Clickfunnels Page Cloner - Sells for $1.83/month
  • Groove Page Cloner - Sells for $1.83/month
  • ​Grammy Wammy - sells for $1.99/month
  • Post Filter - Sells for $17/month
  • Biggest Fan - Sells for $2.99/month
  • Gru Flu - Sells for $9.99/month
  • Friend Disconnector - sells for $9.99/month
  • ​Mad Ader - sells for $25/month
  • ​Post Scheduler - Sells for $27/month
  • ​Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - sells for $9.99/month
  • Post Profits - sells for $27/month
  • ​MeFn Evan - sells for $17/month
  • ​Group Monkey - sells for $17/month
  • Your Chrome Extension - sells for $97/month
  • Birthday Wisher - sells for $3.99/month
  • Engagement Monster - sells for $27/month
  • Friend Connector Pro - sells for $97/month
  • Unlimited Map Leads - sells for $36/month
  • ​Unlimited Business Leads - sells for $36/month
  • ​Chirply - sells for $997/month
  • Bonus Genius Messenger CRM - Sells for $47/month
  • ​All Future Software - We're always building new software, you'll get access to all our software we build in the future at no extra cost considering you join the beta testing program and help us with beta testing be for the launch. Massive Value
  • Supportive Community: Join a fast growing group of hard working, smart, entrepreneurs just like yourself. Network and get help and support from a like minded community.        $500 /month value
  • ​Collaborative Software Development: Work together with community members to bring new Tier5 software to life. Create custom tools to help you everyday. Very Unique Opportunity - Almost Priceless
  • Training and Support: We a full quick start training, Facebook ads training, software training, and automation training. We also provide priority support for Tier5 Partners.
  • ​Networking: We have private groups just for Tier5 Partners. Inside these groups with our partners you'll be able to network and make meaningful connections that can boost your business. $97/month value. 
  • ​Weekly Partner Group Coaching: We have an open meeting every Friday at 2PM PST for all Tier5 partners. You can come network, ask questions, and get help. $500/month value
  • ​Become A SaaS Software Reseller - As a Tier5 Partner you'll have the option to join our Software Reseller Program. Our Software Reseller Program allows you to start your own SaaS company and sell any of our software products, at your price points, to your customers, and keep 100% of the revenue you generate. We do all the tech support, you just sell the software and you keep 100% of the revenue you generate. Only Tier5 Partners are able to join our software reseller program.